search engine optimisation, seoWhat is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is essential for any web based business looking to generate an income or drive traffic through a website. The higher you rank on a search engine, mainly Google, for a certain key term the more likely someone is to click through to your website. In fact the majority of all traffic goes to the top 5 search results.

How Can We help?

Our SEO aim is to put you in one of these top 5 positions on Google and therefore maximise your exposure to your potential clients. Although we aren’t Google and therefore cannot 100% guarantee where you will end up we follow some very basic steps that have a huge impact on your natural rankings on the search engines.

The Three Basic SEO Steps

Alongside these activities we will do a full keyword report based on your business and target market. The reason we do this is that often our clients targeted keyword don’t actually received any traffic and so optimising these keywords will have little effect in increasing visits to your website.

search engine optimisation, seoMeasuring Your Results

In order to measure all these SEO activities we will also integrate Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics so that you have a visible and measurable view of the work we are doing.

How We Work – Transparency

We believe in being completely transparent in everything we are doing for you. What we do is a skill but it certainly isn’t magic and so we believe it is important you are fully aware of everything we are doing for you and we are here to answer any questions you might have on these activities.

So far we have a 100% SEO record in putting our clients into their targeted position for everyone of their keywords. In fact although we don’t offer any guarantees we promise to keep on working on your website without charge until we are satisfied your website has reached its ranking potential.

Search Engine Optimisation Plans

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